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Hen night in Newcastle

Everybody loves to party in Newcastle, itís an amazing place to party! Itís a very famous location for hen parties, both locals and people from out of town love partying in Newcastle. Newcastle can offer great cocktails, beautiful sights, and fantastic night clubs.

There are lots of pubs along the side of the quay all of which are unique and offer a fantastic atmosphere. There is a central lounge bar that has live music every Friday and Saturday night.

Newcastle isnít just about binge drinking, it can be a very sophisticated location. You really can have a fantastic time at Newcastle.

There are plenty of things to do on your hen night in Newcastle, including:

If you like outdoors activities then perhaps paint balling and quad biking are for you. Theyíre not personally my cup of tea, but I can see how they would appeal to some people. Both of these are quite exciting activities and allow you to compete!

There are plenty of health clubs in and around Newcastle, if you and your friends like being pampered then perhaps this is for you. You can easily find a health club by looking on the internet, or even in the yellow pages.

If you want to try something new then why not try pole dancing? There are quite a few pole dancing clubs in Newcastle that will teach you how to pole dance. Pole dancing is a lot harder than it looks, trust me!

Newcastle has quite a lot of countryside allowing you to go horse riding or quad biking. These are both excellent activities and really can make your hen night more special!

When itís time to go out at night Newcastle still has a lot to offer, there is a wide range of different restaurants, from Indian to Chinese, and also a lot of great night clubs. There are also a few local bars which are a popular hen night destination!

Remember you should book up all the different aspects of your trip to Newcastle well in advance. It can sometimes be difficult to book the hotel independently of the events, however it can be done. If you really struggle why not go and see if your local travel agents can offer you any help.

There are many companies on the internet that are able to give you package hen night tours to Newcastle, most of these are based in Newcastle themselves, so who would know the city better?

Get planning and have a great time in Newcastle for your hen night! You only have one remember!

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