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Hen night in London

London is the capital of the uk, so what better place to spend your hen night? Everything in London is bigger and better than anywhere else in the uk, including the night life! Most of the activities you can do anywhere and the location isnít important, however when youíre in London there are some unique things that you can do.

The London eye is the name given to the big wheel in the centre of London, the trip on the eye takes around 30 minutes, but it is well worth it. Each capsule holds several families, so itís not normally possible to go alone, which is a bit of a shame. If you book in advance you can hire out a complete capsule of the eye. This is very costly, but you do have a room in which you can party for 30 minutes as you get to see the beautiful views of London!

They also offer champagne and breakfast packages that will suit whatever youíre into. The eye will make for an unforgettable day!

The London dungeons is another unique tourist location, ok so it might not suit most peoples hen nights, but Iím sure it will appeal to some! You can learn about the history of prisoners in England and how they were tortured.

London is a very big city with a lot of history, if you want to learn something about it then you can take one of the many open top bus rides around it. This will help you to understand where everything is, and you might learn a thing or two.

If youíre into art then there are plenty of galleries in London. Or you can just sight see, take lots of photos in front of Buckingham palace!

There is a lot of open space in London, my favorite is regents park. Itís so beautiful, especially in the summer! You could take a picnic and sit on the grass eating it! What a perfect day!

The only problem in London is getting around, if you go by car then youíll have to pay the congestion charge, and if you go by tube youíll end up feeling like a sardine. Fortunately if you stay in the centre of the city everything is within walking distance of each other.

If you like shopping then Londonís got that covered too! There are lots of shopping centers, most of these are very posh and expensive! Canary wharf is the newest one of them and has many top brand shops.

The night life in London is also bigger than anywhere else in the country, the pubs and clubs often stay open much longer than anywhere else and itís the first place I knew with a 24 hour mcdonalds!

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