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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

When it comes to the idea of writing ones own vows itís often met with the idea of impossibility. The first impression one gets is that to provide such a significant feat they must be poetic and/or talented in the literal sense. This is absolutely a false concept. With four simple steps, you can reach inside your heart and create warmth as astonishing as that of a Shakespearian sonnet. 

The first step you must take is in finding a theme. Well of course youíre getting married, so itís significant to love but what does your heart speak when looking deep into the eyes of the one you love? What does it feel when it looks into the future? What has it meant to have him/her in your life?

Take these thoughts with you into the next step, a meditation of sorts. Taking some quiet time to yourself whether you go for a walk or simply relax and listen to some instrumental music, will help open the creativity thatís within each one of us. If youíre reminiscing about the person you love you canít help but apply inspiration.

Choosing a topic, step three, should be fairly simple. You want a topic that expresses what makes your chosen one special in your life. Perhaps there was a specific moment when you knew this individual needed to be your partner in life. Or maybe there was a specific event that held a significant meaning and helped you to distinguish what it is about this one person that you simply canít let go of. Your expression of gratitude can only be enhanced in accompaniment of your intent for the future and this can be accomplished quite eloquently as well.

The fourth step can be found in argument I think. Some would say its definitive to form or style. Perhaps there is some clarity in that. However, one can become imprisoned if they focus too much on rhyme and meter so itís best to address it with room to flex. The thought and effort youíve invested into uniquely acknowledging the amazing person about to share your life will be treasured for a lifetime despite the grammatical or literal connotation

You can be assured that these steps will lead to the progress of style, unique and untainted by any other. To your loved one youíll be the Romeo or Juliet of all time.

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