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Second Hand Wedding Dresses

While many people feel it’s extremely important to purchase a new wedding dress, there are some very compelling reasons to wear a second hand wedding dress.

Some families hand wedding dresses down from generation to generation.   Imagine wearing the same dress that your great grandmother wore on her wedding day.  And if your daughter agrees to wear your wedding dress, it would make you an even bigger part of the wedding.  Of course, the dress might not be the right size or style for you, and your relatives may not be willing to let you alter to make you look your best.

A second hand dress could allow you to purchase a much more expensive dress than you could afford if it was new.  You might be able to obtain a designer wedding gown and look absolutely stunning. 

If money is tight, you could use the money saved on a second hand wedding gown to enhance other parts of your wedding and make the affair much nicer.  Some people feel that since they will only wear the wedding dress once, it is not worth spending a king’s ransom on the dress.  As long as the dress fits well and is flattering, you will still look great.

You could also get a second hand wedding dress that has never been worn.  If a wedding was called the woman would probably be happy to sell the unused dress since it would tend to bring back sad memories.  However, some people would be concerned that the dress was bad luck. If you decide to get married quickly, it might not be possible to have a wedding dress made and fitted for you.  A second hand dress in your size could be ready very quickly

In December 2006, Pete Doherty has purchased a second hand wedding dress for his fiancée, Kate Moss.  The pink dress with blue trim cost £120 and Pete thought the dress would be a suitable ‘cool wedding dress.

The second hand wedding dress business has become a huge business.  You can buy or sell a dress on the internet at sites such as SellYourWeddingDress.Com.  Sellers are enticed with ads such as sell your dress and get some cash.  Buyers can browse from the comfort of their homes and see a much larger selection of dresses than if they were to physically visit stores.  Websites are arranged by size making browsing very easy. Unless you plan to keep your wedding dress wrapped in plastic and in a wardrobe for the next fifty years, selling your dress may be a great option.

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