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Wedding Hair Accessories

There are many types of wedding hair accessories for the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and mothers to choose from.  These ornaments come in many different shapes, precious metals, gems, and colors.

One of the more fitting wedding hair accessories would be a tiara.  The bride will look like a queen wearing a sparkling star tiara or a seven point tiara.  Other styles of tiaras are different flowers and rhinestones.  If you would, like to be a little less noticeable, you could wear a mini tiara.

Probably the most common wedding hair accessory is the hair pin.  There are many different styles, shapes, colors and materials to choose from.  For a wedding, a single white pearl would be very elegant.  Diamonds are always a great choice.  Other options are a cream pearl, a silver bead, silver floral basket, or a crystal swirl.  Different types of flowers such as gold roses or silver lilies are also popular.  If you are looking for less common, you might try a flower made of ivory.

Ribbons would give your hair a totally different look.  You could tie the ribbon in a simple bow.  You have a choice of many different colors such as white to match the wedding dress or black (if your hair is a light color) for contrast.  Fancier types of ribbon would include a rose bud.  Very elaborate choices would have pearls or glass beads hanging from the bow.

A rarer type of wedding hair accessory is the claw clip.  This is a great choice if you are looking to put some of your hair up or like a ponytail.  Choices include crystal moons or butterflies, various styles of silver or even claws decorated with precious stones such as pearls or diamonds.

Hair combs are a great choice which will also help keep your hair in place.  They tend to be fairly long and are made of similar metals and styles as the other types of wedding hair accessories.  They do tend to be a little fancier since less of the comb is visible.  A mother of pearl peony, pearls mixed with crystal or combs made is silver are very popular.

For a totally different look, you could try a headband.  The width of the headbands varies to make them more or less noticeable.  Headbands are typically adorned with similar items such as pearls, adorned with butterflies or they can be made of gold or silver.

Of course, you could always go with one of the old standby, barrettes.  You can certainly make a fashion statement with a rhinestone barrette, or a plain silver or gold barrette.  Butterfly barrettes would be appropriate and fashionable for any wedding.

If your wear your hair in a bun, there is a new choice called a hair bun cover or a hair bun cage.  They are made in silver, gold or crystal and many fancy types are now being created. Whichever wedding hair accessory you chose, Iím sure every guest will notice your beautiful hair.

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