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Wedding Day Hair Styles

With your wedding day fast approaching, time is of the essence. The ceremony is set, the decorations arranged, the attire is in order, flowers are in bloom, and even the cake is fast on its way. Now youíre down to the final phases held within the brides look. You might have hired a makeup artist or already planned your facial look but what should you do with your hair?

A hair stylist can make your efforts come to life with ease but choosing one can be a little difficult. Youíll first need to find one who is available the day of your wedding. Of course cost is also a concern. Youíll also want a stylist who can individualize your look rather than pattern it. Discuss with him/her exactly the style you are looking for prior to making your choice. The response you receive will help you to know whether your desire will be achieved.

Youíll also want your hair style to compliment your wedding dress. This can be met with great success by providing the stylist with a photo of the dress youíll be wearing so she can adorn it with the appropriate hair length, style, and accessories. In most cases, pinned up curls accent satin enhanced gowns. On the other hand, loose curls may be more suited for a tulle style dress.

A strapless dress will not be expressed with its full essence if the brideís hair is streaming down her shoulders. Neither would a French twist compliment a dress with a medieval theme. A sophisticated unswept look would be elegant with a formal wedding gown. However, it would be extreme in the case of a beach wedding. The neckline should also be taken into consideration. Knowing whether the hair would look better up off the neckline or down cascading along it can be important to your look.

If your looking at a totally new fashion, including cutting and hair color, itís best to do so at the time of your consultation rather than wait until the day of your wedding. This will assure you that there will be no unpleasant surprises to deal with on your wedding day.

Your veil length will also influence your choice of hairstyle. The veil is normally longer than the length of the hair. Itís often swept back and secured in a stylish fashion. This is where hair accessories begin to play an important role and your stylist can enhance the colors of the wedding theme through the ones she/he chooses.

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