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Christian Weddings

Christian weddings have many traditions and rituals. There are also certain responsibilities for the bride’s family such as sending out the wedding invitations and paying for the reception which follows the ceremony at the church.

The best man arranges a bachelor party for the groom.  The men hold a stag party which includes lots of drinking, telling of dirty jokes and often either pornographic films or strippers. The bachelorette party’s are getting more similar to the men’s stag party.  They traditional entailed good food and simple female fun.  Today, it is not unusual for a male stripper to appear at the bride’s bachelorette party.

The church service of a Christian wedding is a beautiful way to begin a life together.  The priest leads the way down the aisle followed by the attendants and then the bride and groom.  The priest leads the service with a traditional mass.  The bride and groom select passages of the bible which are special to them. Family and close friends read these parts out loud to the congregation.

The priest delivers the special words “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and woman in holy matrimony.  Everybody holds their breadth when he asks “speak now or forever hold your peace.”  Often the bride and groom write their own wedding vows pledging to love each other forever.  The groom gently slides the ring onto his bride’s finger and she in turn gives him his ring.

The priest gives a lecture on marriage blesses the holy union.  As the couple leaves the church, the guests throw rice. At the reception, the bride and groom and both sets of parents set up a the receiving line.  Each person welcomes the guest to the affair and in turn each guest congratulates the couple and parents.

Toasts are made by the best man and usually the maid of honor too.  The best man toast is extremely important and special, typically making fun of his friend and everyone else.  But, he always concludes with a wish for much love and happiness for the couple.

At a Christian Wedding, the bride and groom dance the first dance together and then switch as the bride dances with her father and the groom dances with his mother.  The other parents join in along with the remaining members of the wedding party.  All guests are then invited to the dance floor to join the newly married couple.

The cake cutting ceremony can be quite touching and dangerous.  The couple jointly holds the knife and cut the first piece of wedding cake.  The couple feed each other a piece of the cake.  In the United States, the groom often smashes the cake into the brides face.  In some other countries, this would be considered an insult.

The unmarried women at the affair gather around and the bride tosses her bouquet.  Superstition says the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next bride.  

Christian weddings are joyous occasions where the family and friends get to revel in the happiness of the couple.

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