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Delivering the perfect best man speech wedding toast

Your best friend is about to get married and he asked you to be his best man. You are happy for him and more than willing to stand beside him at such an important event of his life. But you really have a problem with public speeches. You don't want to disappoint your friend, you don't want to make a fool of yourself and and of course you would like to impress the audience, to make them smile, laugh a bit and mostly to make them feel the emotion of the occasion.

Here are some tips that may help you prepare for delivering the speech.

  1. The wedding toast should be about 5-10 minutes long. Don't make it too long, or the attention of the audience will start to diminish.
  1. Practice your speech. If you know it well there are less chances to freeze up standing in front of the guests.
  1. Speak from the heart, but speak clearly, not too fast and loud enough so everyone there can here you.
  1. Take your time and don't forget to breath so you don't pass out in the middle of a sentence.
  1. Smile and make eye contact with as many guest as you can. At some point turn to the happy couple or to the persons you are mentioning in your speech.
  1. You can start with a little joke; it always makes people relax and listen further in a good mood. A good starting joke I have heard many of times and always gets a good laugh is the best man to say “They say that the best mans speech should be as long as it takes the groom to have sex, thank you and good night” then pretend to sit down and finish the speech. Although you should be careful of using this depending on the nature of the wedding party, bride and groom.
  1. Tell everybody who you are and what is your relation with the groom. You can share briefly some history together and how honored you are to deliver this speech at his wedding.
  1. Remember that your audience has different ages; don't focus only on one category.
  1. You are the groom's best friend, but don't forget to include in your toast the bride too. 
  1. Don't be ashamed if you get a little emotional.
  1. Congratulate the couple for such a wonderful wedding and thank their parents for the contribution (if they helped with the money or something else)

If after reading these tips you are still not comfortable with the idea, you may pay for some professional help. After all not everybody has a talent with writing and combining words, but almost everybody can deliver a well learned speech, especially when feelings and emotions are involved.

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