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Looking great on my wedding day

There is an old saying that states: “all brides are beautiful on their wedding day”. But you are nervous and you think that maybe someone else can be more gorgeous than you are. You are thinking of a last minutes diet or some wonder treatments for you hair and face.

But you should get rid of all the non-sense and concentrate on what is really important: you are to be bride and you are the most beautiful woman in the world for your groom. No one and nothing can change that!

Here are some tips that can help you gain the confidence you need.

Take your time to choose the wedding dress, veil, jewellery and shoes. The dress should suit your needs, not your mother's or your best friend preferences. It has to be glamorous, but also allow you to dance and walk comfortably. Don't worry that your taste may not meet the others expectations: it is your dress and your wedding. A few weeks before the wedding make sure that the dress needs no adjustments.

Maybe you like the old tradition: a bride has to have something old (jewellery), something new (the wedding gown), something borrowed (the veil), something blue (the garter).

Talk to a professional stylist and hair dresser and pay them a visit, a couple of days before the event, to be sure that you like the way your face and your hair will look like. Use quality cosmetics so you won't have unpleasant surprises. Remember also to have your nails manicured a day before the wedding (this way you will avoid chipped polish or broken nails).

Do a list with everything that you should have near on the wedding day, sort of an emergency kit with beauty necessaries, a sewing kit, safety pins, a pair of stockings, daily pills (if you have any), a spare comfortable pair of shoes (don't torture yourself the whole night on high heels). Your bridesmaid can keep them for you.

As a bride, don't go to bed too late the night before: a good make up makes wonders, but a good nights sleep does even better.

Eat something! You don't want to get sick from emotions and weakness especially on this occasion.

Try to do your best, but don't panic and don't stress yourself. Remember that a face which is radiant, relaxed and full of happiness, love and joy is more attractive than the face of a super star.

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