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Choosing a home or holiday hen night

Where to spend the hen party is mostly up to you, the bride, but the other attendees have to also be consulted, especially if a hen holiday is planned. And of course if this is the indention, you have to plan at least two days away. Actually the tendency is to leave Friday after work for the chosen destination so you can have two nights off.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both options.
If you're determined to have a home hen party:

  • probably all the invited girls will attend
  • you are familiar with the local clubs and any other local entertainments
  • the price will be low
  • you'll have plenty of time to recover

But it could be much more interesting to have a girl’s weekend on holiday, away from husbands, boyfriends and daily stress and problems. A time only with your best friends to relax, laugh, have fun, dance, do some shopping, party. So if you like this idea more, start planning it with the person you've asked to be in charge of the hen party organizing. Choose the location carefully: it can be a trip to another city, to the beach or even an abroad trip (East European capitals are tempting and so are some Italian or Spanish cities).

After your delegated organizer has talked to the other girls and you know exactly how many are coming, the best thing to do is to go to a travel agency and book everything in advance. Because a lot of brides want their hen party away on holiday, the agencies have prepared special package offers (transportation, accommodation and meals included).

When choosing the arriving and departure times be sure that everybody can make it. If you don't go abroad, consider renting a van or a mini-bus for transportation. Make sure you are very well informed about local entertainments, good clubs, exclusive restaurants, places for shopping, taxi numbers and so on.

There are always a lot of alternatives for the location of your hen party. No matter which one will you choose, just have fun and enjoy the time spent together with your best friends.

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