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Wedding night love tips

You know him already for a long time; or maybe you've already lived together couple of years. But still everybody makes such a big deal about the wedding night that you start to feel worried that yours will not be so special after all. Don't panic!  Here are 10 rules that will help you and your partner make the best of it.

Rule no 1. Talk to your partner and find out what kind of night they have in mind.

Rule no 2. Definitely book a new location for this event. No matter how large or small your wedding is, don't just go home for the wedding night. Book a room to an exquisite hotel for example. Both of you will like better a new ambient. And a professional room service will just add a note of spoiling.

Rule no 3. Think of something new. Maybe read some books, see some films advice from experts will do you good.

Rule no 4. Don't make love with each other couple of weeks before the wedding. And if possible, the week before the wedding don't live together (one of you can go to his/hers parents' house, a friend).

Rule no 5. Wear something special. The white virginal bride lingerie is always sexy; or you can try something else if you feel in the mood. But make sure it is something that he will like and you don't usually wear it. Also the groom can take a pick to the Chippendales Boys for some tips.

Rule no 6. Create a special decor for this special night (candles, flowers, balloons) no matter if you go to a hotel or not. Make your family and friends understand that you need time just for the two of you. They will tease you a bit, but they won't mind.

Rule no 7. Take it slowly. Don't rush things! Make it like it is your first love night. After all, it is your first as a married couple.

Rule no 8. Don't forget to flirt with each other during the wedding. Compliment one another. Don't take care only that the family and friends have a good time at your wedding. Take care of yourself and your good mood too. Exchange kisses, looks and occasional touches. That will create a mood for the night.

Rule no 9. Most importantly: lower your expectations. Both of you are tired. Organizing and attending a wedding is no piece of cake. Just enjoy the moment and stay in each others arms if you are too tired for something else. After all, you will have your whole life together.

Rule no 10.  Extend the wedding night to a wedding morning. After couple of hours sleep you will definitely feel in the mood to make love to the one that is now your wife/husband.

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