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Hen night dares

The hen night is traditionally the party that women have to celebrate the last night of their freedom before getting married. Hen night parties are often quite naughty parties because it really is the last moment of freedom!

Dares are quite normal things at hen night parties, these are where you make people do something that they don’t really want to do, just like when you were children!

There are lots of different ways to get people to do these dares, you could go for the simplest option and just play spin the bottle. Just in case you led a very sheltered childhood, spinning the bottle is a game where you spin a bottle! The bottle points to one person that must do a dare.

The problem with spin the bottle is that it’s not very sophisticated and you have to make up the dares yourself. There are some much more sophisticated options available for dares. You can buy a pack of cards that have dares printed on them, whoever loses must do the dare.

You can also buy a spinner, like the spinner out of twister! Only this one has lots of dares printed all over it. You must each take it in turns to spin the spinner and select your fate, then you must do that dare.

Before starting the dares it is important to come up with a forfeit, this is a suitable punishment if somebody doesn’t do their dare correctly. Something like walking like a chicken may have been a suitable forfeit when you were 12, however now you should think of something much better!

Example dares include getting people to shout “I’ve got no knickers on”, “Neck 2 vodkas”, “Kiss the tallest man in the room”, “Go and find a ginger man and find out if he’s ginger all over”, “Get a pair of mans trousers”, “Pinch a mans bum”. As you can see there are loads of different dares that are suitable for hen nights.

You should make sure that the game is fair, make sure that everybody gets to do a dare, otherwise it’s just no fun!

Make sure that nobody gets really upset about the dares, remember they are just for fun. If somebody really doesn’t want to do one then I think that’s ok, perhaps you could let them choose another dare.

Dares can be a fun way to spend some of your hens night, you can spend the rest drinking! Or just talking! Remember to stop the dares game before everyone has gotten bored of it. Make sure you don’t make anyone do any dares that would damage anybodies relationships!

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