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Celebrity Honeymoons

We would all like to have celebrity honeymoons like our favorite actors and actresses. Unfortunately most of us will never have the money or the fame to be able to get into some of the most secret and secure places they have the privilege of finding. However rich or poor you may or may not be, it is still exciting to imagine yourself there. You can really dream up some creative ideas of your own by reading about celebrity honeymoons. You may not be able to have one like it but, you can use it to spark your own honeymoon creativity with these most recent, famous celebrity honeymoons.

Privileged Information

The most recent trysts of celebrity honeymoons have to be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Among fans and other well wishers, these two were married surrounded by over a thousand candles. Kidman wore a beautiful white gown with pearl earrings. Urban was decked out in a black suit and white vest. There was some controversy as to where the choice of celebrity honeymoons would be for this couple. It is said that Fiji is the place of choice. Kidman spent her first honeymoon with Cruise here. Urban and Kidman were said to have spent over $180,000 on ten glorious days in this romantic spot. Fiji is one of the greatest exotic spots to honeymoon. You can tell everyone that you stayed in the same place as this celebrity couple. What can be better than that? What are celebrity honeymoons if not for getting elaborate accommodations!

The next notable celebrity honeymoons have to be none other than Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. The couple stayed in Esparanzw, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The rate for this honeymoon costs almost $600 a night. Nothing but romance was to be found on the many acres of these fine gardens and beach. The couple was given dolls made by local artists every night of their stay here. Celebrity honeymoons would not be complete without spa facilities and massages. What else is there for celebrity honeymoons to boast of?

Become Your Own Famous Person

You may not be able to spend thousands of dollars to copy your favorite celebrity honeymoons but, you can use them to create your own special time. There are many small packages available in Fiji for those of us who may not have the fame and fortune to spend weeks in an exotic land. We can also take long walks on a beach or find acres at local bed and breakfasts or other nice reasonably priced places. The important thing to remember is that it is not the price but, the different that makes it so magical and mystical in others eyes. Celebrity honeymoons are really nothing but trips to places that are not well known. I am sure that with a little creative energy, you can come up with your own special honeymoon adventure and in a little while they will unfold to be as glorious as celebrity honeymoons.

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