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Honeymoon Suites

Of course, you will want the best honeymoon suites you can find for that special time after the wedding. After doing some research, I have found that the problem with getting a suite designed for the happy couple means that you have to go on your honeymoon to a place that is for honeymooners. That means choosing a destination that is a popular honeymoon spot if you want honeymoon suites. The reason for this disappointing idea is the fact that if they are not as popular for honeymooners, the honeymoon suites must be ready for other guests to rent. If you do not have the amount of honeymooners as the larger places, you have this frilly romantic room sitting there gathering dust. This just does not make good business for hotels that are not so sought after. Do not despair over this, you can get a regular room and have them add some romantic touches that will take even the drabbest room and make it into your own spectacular style of honeymoon suites. You might even save money too!

Itís the Little Things

When you are calling to reserve a room, make sure you tell them that you are celebrating your honeymoon. They may give you some little niceties for free or for a reduced rate. Whether they offer this as standard or not, you can request a few things to make it more special. Ask the hotel if they offer inside or call out massage specials. They may be able to get you or tell you of someone that will come to your room and give the two of you a massage. Also ask the hotel about having flowers and champagne in the room when you arrive the first night. This is a nice touch to any honeymoon suites romance.

Strawberries and chocolate are a favorite of honeymoon suites. You can enjoy the flavor of the two delicacies. Do not forget about the breakfast in bed. If you can get this service it will be the best feature of your stay. What honeymooners want to get out of bed right away? This is an extra special way to treat your new wife to a luxury honeymoon in first class honeymoon suites. Make sure that you get what you pay for. Ensure that you are not being charged too much for the extras.

Suites For The Sweets

When you are looking into honeymoon suites for your romantic honeymoon, you may need to be creative about it. Wherever you plan to visit for your honeymoon may not be as popular as other places that offer specific rooms for honeymooners. You will need to ask about adding special extras to your room. It may very well be the best thing you can do. You can pay for only the things you really want like breakfast in bed. Honeymoon suites that are already set up in package deals are great for convenience but, the price is usually not. You may find that when compared to honeymoon suites and their prices, doing it yourself will save some money. 

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