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Who to invite to your Wedding

Once you have shared the news of your wedding to your friends, family and other members of the community. The decision of who to invite to the wedding and reception comes next. Everyone is expecting to be invited now that they have been told about your engagement.  So how do you choose whom to invite to the wedding?

The guest list is one of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to the wedding. This is also one of the first joint decisions you will make as a couple. Deciding on the number of guests is the first step in determining whom you will be inviting to your wedding. Start with close friends and immediate family first, this way you can be sure that you have invited those that are the closest to you. Dividing the list into three parts ideal, as you can designate one third to each the bride and groom and the other one third for both to decide upon.

Distant relatives, friends and co-workers seem to be the hardest decisions. Remember, that you do not and cannot invite everyone, unless you have a never-ending stream of income to use for your wedding. It is very unrealistic to invite them all, especially if you both have large families.  They can be invited to the reception.

The guest list is very important to the wedding and should be completed at least six months in advance. This way as time goes by you can fine tune your guest list and make any necessary adjustments. Some people that should definitely be invited to your ceremony are: immediately family members first then, very close friends.

While probable invites include: extended family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and other acquaintances. Keep in mind that you will always want to invite people that will make your wedding more unforgettable.

Invitations including children need to be considered as well. Some couples prefer not to include children in the ceremony or reception. This is because babies cry, and children have a tendency to move around a lot. Age restrictions are more common these days, because of this it is important to decide what restrictions on children will apply.

If you are still having problems deciding on who should attend the reception, then consider one immediately after the ceremony, for a small amount of quests, and one at a later date or later in the evening.

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