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Last Minute Weddings

The last minute wedding otherwise known as a whirlwind wedding can be just as easy as a regular planned wedding. Sometimes you can even get big discounts on wedding venues because they have not rented them and they want to make some money so they will let you have the place at a discount rate. The bride and groom may decide on a last minute wedding for a number of reasons, and when it is necessary they still want it to be a memorable experience.

The normal details that are generally planned ahead of time will still need to be planned. This includes choosing an engagement ring, the purchase and mailing of invitations, bachelor parties, and rehearsal dinners. Just because you are having the wedding at the last minute their still needs to be some organization involved. While you have less time to plan than the traditional wedding, you will be wise to gather as many people as you can to help you arrange the clergymen, caterers, bakers, florists, photographers and any other additional services you wish to have.

The help from family and friends can provide the price comparisons and availability of wedding venues, they can also help by addressing envelopes, making necessary arrangements for out of town guests, making wedding favors, and decorating the reception site. 

Last minute weddings are both exciting and thrilling. In many cases you may have to decide on the least desirable place to have the wedding. What this means is that in many areas of the world it may be difficult to get the place you want. Either because the venue is unable or the price is higher that you are prepared to pay. For some people the venue is at their parent’s house, or a courthouse. Some people choose to exchange vows at a park, or a neighbor’s house. A last minute marriage can be just as impressive as one that has had years of planning. Especially when you have the company of friends and family.

There are businesses out there that offer last minute wedding discounts, but finding them is the key. Do not be afraid to ask the business if they will work for a lower price. After all you want to try and save as much money as possible. Entering a marriage in debt is not only a bad idea but can cause problems down the road. The point here is to stick within your budget, and if you have to change the amount maybe you can do without.

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