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Wedding Themes

Long gone are the days of having to go with a traditional wedding theme.  If you are not interested in the traditional black and white weddings, then you should consider a themed wedding instead. It is sometimes very difficult for people to decide on a theme for their wedding, and for others there is really no theme involved. There are a lot of themes for weddings available today. You first need to decide on the time of year your want to have your wedding, and then you can decide of the theme for your wedding.

Winter Wedding Themes

Winter wedding themes can also be quite extravagant, not to mention the financial advantages, as there are many discounts to be had during the winter.  Deciding a winter theme for your wedding maybe just what you have been looking for. Winter wedding themes, demand a different style and are genuinely more spectacular or impressive. As an example you could go with a winter wonderland theme for your wedding with a snow and ice theme.

Summer Wedding Themes


Hawaiian themes for weddings give you the choice of a casual wedding. You can hold this type of themed wedding in a back yard. Everyone has the opportunity to dress in a more casual way, making them for comfortable. They can wear sandals, shorts, Hawaiian style shirts and dresses. Food would go in line with a Hawaiian luau. This theme for weddings offers a festive atmosphere for everyone.

Mardi Gras themes for weddings are for those who love festivities. Bringing New Orleans to your wedding can be fun and enjoyable. Having beads, masks and colorful attire can give you a wedding that will be remembered. The southern sparkle of the food will definitely add flavor.

Fall Wedding Themes

Fall themes for weddings can include the use of the bottom of a pumpkin with flower bouquets put in the middle and set on each of the tables. Using fall colors for bride’s maid dresses. Traditional roasted turkey with pumpkin pie can be a great addition to any fall wedding theme.

Halloween wedding theme is a unique twist to any wedding. The bride and groom will wear traditional wedding attire or costumes (Bride of Frankenstein), while all the guests come in costumes, while ushers greet guests in masks. Keeping the children who attend busy, you may want to have plenty of pumpkins for carving, and games such as bobbing for apples.

In conclusion there are many themes for weddings that can be used. These are just a few ideas. You can always think of many ideas more ideas to go with. Use the ideas you come up with.

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