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Hen night party brides survival guide

You are the bridesmaids' chief and it is your duty to organize the hen party. You have decided together with the bride to be where and when to have it, how many persons will attend, you have talked to all of them, you've choose the theme, you’ve thought of some forfeits and some questions for the Mr & Mrs quiz and you have calculated an estimative price per person.

So everything seems under control, everything except your nerves. You are so worried that something may go wrong, the future bride will not be happy, the girls will not enjoy themselves and you have just heard or read about some awful hen party disasters. Here are some tips to help you, the bride and the other hen night girls get through it and have a lot of fun in the meantime.

  1. Everybody has to know exactly the hen night theme, the whole schedule, no matter you have the party in or out of town
  1. The bride has to be in the center of attention and she should be enjoying the care given to her.
  1. Firstly gather yourselves together at someone's house, have a drink, laugh a bit and the atmosphere will start to build up; all of you will loosen up and be better prepared for the rest of the night
  1. Don't try to surprise the bride if you are not absolutely sure that she will enjoy it; think of all the stress she has to put up with and avoid anything that can upset or disturb her 
  1. Be prepared to take a lot of pictures; they will bring nice memories later
  1. During the night there will be lots of alcoholic drinks and cocktails, but you could play the trick and alternate them with soft drinks; there will be no fun if by the middle of the night the other girls have to pick you up from under the table or take care of you at the bathroom; drinks are ok, especially if you are the shy type, but don't spoil the others mood by getting too drunk (at least not early).
  1. As bridesmaid's chief, one of your duties is to make sure that the bride arrives home or at the hotel in one piece. 

A hen night may have its moments no matter you've settled for a homemade one or you've gone to some wild things. But remember: everything that happens during the hen night has to remain a secret of yours, the girls; there's no use start talking about the embarrassing moments to the others; the stag party attendees definitely will keep their secrets.

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