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Choosing a home or away holiday wedding Pros and Cons

Choosing your wedding location can have a great impact on your whole wedding organizing strategy. Traditionally the weddings were held at the parents' brides home town / city but today there is such a variety of possible locations that it is very hard to decide. And there is also this trend is becoming more popular each day, to have your wedding abroad on holiday away from home.

Here are some pros and cons to help you make the right decision regarding your wedding location:

Home wedding pros:

  • In your home town / city you can pick a nice reception/ceremony site; you are familiar with the locations and you can make a good choice
  • you can invite as many guests as you wish (if your budget allows that)
  • you can, make before the wedding, appointments with your usual manicure/pedicure specialist
  • you don't have to make special trips to book a photographer or wedding florist
  • you can make you wedding as formal as you wish.

Home wedding cons:

  • costs a lot of money and you'll have to make a lot of sacrifices to have the needed sum
  • there will be other costs regarding transportation and accommodation for out of town guests, your honeymoon, a room at the hotel for the wedding night
  • being so familiar with everything around you, it may be hard to relax and de-stress before the wedding.

Away (holiday) wedding pros:

  • everything will be entirely new and exciting, not the usual thing
  • you may also spend your honeymoon there
  • your guests may find the idea quite exciting
  • if you make the ceremony on the beach (for example) you get rid of all that trouble regarding decoration and arrangements
  • you can have a very good deal with the hotel and have the reception there
  • your wedding costs will be much lower than expected

Away (holiday) wedding cons:

  • not everybody will be willing to come and it will be anyway rather expensive to assure the transport and accommodation for too many persons
  • you can't have a formal traditional wedding
  • you have to take the risk that everything will be just the way your travel agents assures you
  • you may have to visit the location before the wedding to see for yourself how are things there
  • some of your family members or friends may not be so happy with your plans

As long as you and your partner see things the same way, it is not really important where the wedding takes place. Important is that you two are going to be a family from that point on.

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