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Hen night activities

There are lots of different activities that you can do for your hen night, however as all hen nights are unique it can be difficult to decide which ones you should have.

First you have to think about who will be attending the hen night, will the brides mother be there? You certainly donít want to upset the mother of the bride, or the bride! Doing so could be disastrous and even get you un-invited from the wedding.

You can do almost anything for a hen night, it doesnít just have to be a booze up! Below are some examples of some hen night activities not all of them involve drinking alcohol, I promise!

A day at a local health spa for everyone.  Every woman loves to be pampered, and so what better way to spend a hen night than getting relaxing treatments at your local spa? A good idea is requesting that everybody pays for their own entrance and the bride will treat everyone to lunch.

Ideally you want to spend the evening doing what the bride loves doing most, if youíre organizing a hen night then you should spend some time thinking about her hobbies. What exactly does she enjoy doing?

If she likes sporting then what better way to spend her second special day than watching her favorite sport live? You could even take a picnic, and a bottle of wine.

If the bride loves watching films or eating, then why not do that? You could hire lots of DVDís for the film buff, or you could hire a chef!

Whatever you do for your hen night, remember to make sure your hen night has a theme. Themes make whatever activity you do seem unique and interesting. You should build the theme into the whole evening, make sure that you also remember to theme the food.

If you are planning a Mexican theme, then you should serve Mexican food, and also decorate the room accordingly. Itís always good fun if everyone dresses up to suit the theme, although you canít physically force people to do this, you can encourage them to! Itís very easy to come by costumes, you could even search on an online auction if youíre having trouble.

You donít have to settle for a single night, hen nights commonly spread over into hen weekends and even hen weeks! You could consider jetting away somewhere hot for the weekend or the week.

If you are going abroad for the hen night then make sure you book up well in advance, and be sure to check if they offer any group discounts.

Whatever you plan to do for your hen night Iím sure it will be a great evening/weekend/week!  Just remember to enjoy yourself.

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