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Hen night t shirt ideas

You can only have a hen party if you are getting married, and as you should only get married once in your lifetime itís quite an important event. It should be as memorable as possible, however sometimes it is very easy to forget exactly what happened.

The bride will no doubt remember her hen night, but will the rest of the party? Well printing customized t-shirts is one great way of doing this.

Not only will t-shirts be able to remind everybody what a great time you had, but they will also ensure that everybody wears the correct dress code!

Itís very easy to get custom t-shirts printed these days, itís not difficult at all! All you need to do is visit your local print shop and they should be able to sort you out. If you are looking for hen night t-shirts on a budget then you could look at printing them yourselves.

If youíve got a computer and a printer then you have pretty much everything you need to print t-shirts yourself. All you need to do is buy some t-shirt transfer paper, this is a piece of paper which you iron over to transfer the image onto the shirt.

So now you know how to make t-shirts, what are some good hen night t shirt ideas? Well you can do pretty much anything you like on a t-shirt. One of the most popular is to have a group photo printed up onto your t-shirt, this will certainly ensure that you always remember this special party.

You can also print text onto your t-shirts, why not go for a two sided print? You can have something nice on the front and something naughty on the back! You could even have some rude things printed onto your t-shirt.

If you are planning on having a t-shirt printed, remember to include the date so that you can all look back on this and remember.

If you donít want a group photo, then you could opt for a photo of the bride and groom. You could all have individual t-shirts, the bride could have one saying ďIím getting married in the morningĒ, and everyone else could have one saying ďWeíre still singleĒ.

Play about on your computer to get the design of your t shirt right, you want it to be perfect! You could even Photoshop some photos (or get someone else to) so that they look funny and unique! You could put you and your friends around the president, or the prime minister.

Your t-shirt will make your special day (well second special day) much more memorable, plus everyone will know who is part of the party! It would be much harder for people to gatecrash!

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