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Applying Wedding Day Makeup

There are many different important parts of a wedding. Even though the dress, cake, tuxedo, and flowers are vary important the makeup is just as important. There are many things about makeup the overall outcome of it is important. It is important to have the right shade and the right tone of color being used for the lights of the camera and the camcorder make them seem different than is it either shiner or paler.

It is important to make sure the tone is as close to your natural tone as possible when using cover-up. Unless your skin is really dry using an oil free cover-up is best so your face does not seem really shiny. When using under eye concealed for under your eyes it should be a shade lighter than the cover-up. It is important to carry oil free cover-up that is pressed with you so you can cover-up a shiny nose or chin.

When using eye shadow use a soft earth toned color. When highlighting the brow bone use a light off white color. When doing the eyelid use a peach like color. It is important to keep the colors a blending color. It is not good to use eye shadows that are frosted. Use black mascara that is waterproof on the top lashes. It is best to use a waterproof pencil to line to line to the top lid. For the lining use a navy, charcoal, or dark brown pencil. For the brows use a pencil or powder a shade lighter than your hair. Using a crème or powder blush for the cheek apple. The apple is not hard to figure out all you have to do is smile.

As for the lipstick you should not use to bright or to dark but make sure it is in the same blush color family. Drab browns you want to stay away from as they are to dulling when wearing white.

In order to have lip color that last try filling in the lip with a lip pencil of the same color as the lipstick. After you fill in the lip with the pencil cover it with the lipstick. After that you can cover the lipstick with a touch of lip gloss. Putting a drop of the lip gloss on the bottom lip should be enough. If you want to make it simple use indelible lipstick. Do not forget to carry a lipstick and cover-up with you incase you have shiny places on your face. You can also if not feeling comfortable doing your own make-up you can always get a make-up artist.

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