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Wedding Veils

There are many different veils. There is the blusher veil, the flyaway veil, the birdcage veil, the chapel length veil, the cathedral length veil, the ballet or waltz length veil, the fingertip veil, the elbow veil, the double-tier, the pouf, and the mantilla veil. Next I will be giving a little bit of a description of the veil types.

The first one I will be telling about is the blusher veil. The blusher veil can be worn forward or backwards. When worn forward it falls over the face. When it is worn back it goes over the headpiece. It is usually attached to a longer three tiered one.

The flyaway veil is multi-layered to the length of the shoulders. It is usually used with an ankle length dress or a dress where you donít want to hide the back details of the dress. The birdcage veil is a little longer than chin length gently shirred sides. It is usually attached to a hat.

The chapel length veil is 2 1/3 yards from the headpiece. The cathedral length veil is a veil that is amazing 4 yards from the headpiece. Plus it is very formal. Cathedral train is what this veil is usually worn with. The one wore to the ankles is the ballet or waltz length veil. The fingertip veil which happens to be the most popular veil nicely touches the fingertips. The elbow veil extends to the elbow and is attached to the headpiece. This kind of veil is vary common for casual weddings. It is the veil that shows grace without over powering the dress or the person wearing it.

The double-tier veil is a double veil. Each part of the veil is a different size. It can be worn with any veil. A double-tier veil is of two different volumes so it is best to make sure the veils work together. Another veil is the pouf veil which is connected in a certain part of the headpiece. It is a good style if you want to create a dramatic look. This veil can also be used in many sizes bunched together. Also looking as good as double-tier. The last veil is the mantilla veil which is circular attached to the head. It is not worn with a headpiece. The classic is all lace but now it can be lace edged the rest is tulle.

Illusion is a nylon material that most veils are made of. There is many different decorations that appear on the veil as well. These decorations include poufs, and wreaths. Poufs are a small gathering of veiling on the headpiece. Wreaths called streamers that are ribbons tied into love knots.

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