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Wedding makeup tips and rules

We don't want to be unfair to the groom, but let's face it: the bride is the main attraction of a wedding, everybody's eyes are on her. She is actually the queen of the day. A queen has to have a perfect face. And a good makeup can do wonders to help.

There are 10 rules that will help you accomplish you purpose:

Rule no 1. A couple of months before the wedding start drinking a lot of water and take some minerals and vitamins. They will clear your face and your skin will not be dehydrated. 

Rule no 2. Don't stay too much in the sun or on the sun bed. You don't want to have sunburns on your special day.

Rule no 3. Don't stay up too long the night before the wedding so you can avoid circles under your eyes.

Rule no 4. Use only quality cosmetics that you have already tried and you know you are not allergic to them.

Rule no 5. Consult a specialist a month before the wedding. Book him/her for the big day or make a list with his/hers advice if you do the make up yourself.

Rule no 6. Do take good care of your skin couple of weeks before (moisturize it well, use some proper peeling and some adequate masks).

Rule no 7. Use the foundation and the power required by your skin tone. Don't exaggerate with the powder.

Rule no 8. Don't use pale lipstick (it makes you look tired); better go for rose, pink or red (they'll give you a fresh look).

Rule no 9. Don't exaggerate with your eyes makeup. Use neutral colours to contour and highlight them. Stick to classic colours like black or brown for eyeliners. And it would be better to use a waterproof mascara.

Rule no 10. Exercise the make up couple of days before the wedding. Wear your gown and hair accessories to be sure that everything looks well together.

And remember: all brides are beautiful on their wedding day.

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