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Hen night planning tips and ideas

The hen night is a custom as old as the institution of marriage. Traditionally the women got together at the bride's house (or a bridesmaid's house) to celebrate the bride to be shortly before the wedding: they told stories to prepare her for the future marital life, gave her small presents. Today though, the things are a bit different: the hen parties are much more exciting and sometimes they require as much preparation as a honeymoon.

If you are the one to organize the hen party for your friend who's getting married, you have to answer yourself the following question (if you want to be able to organize everything perfectly): 1. Who? 2. Where? 3. When? 4. How to get there?  5. What to do?.

1. Who?

So first off all make the list with persons that will attend the hen party. They have to be the brides' good mates, so you'll have to talk to her about it. But you can surprise her as well by inviting a good friend that lives far away and she hadn't the chance to see in a long time.

2. Where?

This is one of the hard parts. You have to decide on either a location in town or an out of town destination. You are the bride's best friend so you have to know her wishes, preferences, taste. You can do it at somebody's house, in a nice restaurant or a night bar. Or you can book a hotel room for all of you. It depends on the budget.

3. When?

Lately there is trend to have actually a hen weekend instead of only a night, sometimes abroad on holiday. This way there is enough time to have some day activities (pampering, shopping, a concert) as well as some night ones. A week or two before the wedding can be suitable date, but be sure you have announced everyone long before.

4. How to get there?

Make sure that you give detailed instruction to all the girls that are going to attend the hen party. Double check, just to make sure that they got the right time and address.

5. What to do?

There are a lot of activities to do according to the chosen location: pampering (spa, beauty activities), society games (“I never...”, “Truth or dare”, “Playing roles”), dancing, inviting a stripper, listening some really good music, have some drinks and do a lot of talking.

When organizing a hen party, keep in mind that you do it for your friend, so her wishes are important; make sure that everybody invited will come and they know the “rules” (cloths code, activities to be done) and they are comfortable with them; let everyone know what are the costs, how will be divided and make sure you all have a lot of fun.

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