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Hen Night themes and ideas

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You were assigned by the bride to be to organize the hen night. You've gone through the  planing list several times, you've talked to everybody invited, you've decided on the needed budget, you have even accomplished setting a date for the party and now all you need are some good themes and ideas.

As for themes you have to be sure that they also suit the future bride's idea of fun and the rest of the girls are comfortable with them. No matter if you stay at home or you go to some fancy clubs, you may dress yourself the way your favorite actress does, you may all dress as nuns, bunnies, nurses, sexy devils, cats, policewomen, hippies, school girls, you may go for a body painting session and wear as little cloths as you dare or you could all wear some printed T-shirts.

As for ideas about what to do, here are some that may inspire you:

  • play society games (Truth or dare, Mr & Mrs quiz, Play a role, Monopoly)
  • organize a home party with a specific theme (Mexican party, a 60's party, country party)
  • hire a stripper or go to a strippers' show
  • rent a limousine for the night and go to an exclusive club (no matter you are dress as bunnies or sexy angels)
  • attend a paint ball game
  • invite a tarot, palm or coffee reader
  • have some pampering: steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, professional massage, manicure, pedicure
  • ask the girls to tell one funny or touching memory about the future bride
  • go to a karaoke show
  • spicing up the party with some forfeits like: dance on a table, ask a stranger his telephone number, take off a piece of your underwear without going to the bathroom. Don't go for something extreme, that may make the others feel uncomfortable, 'cause the whole idea is to laugh and have fun, no to feel embarrassed.

And don't forget about the present for the bride. Which can be an album with photos from all of you; a memory book, where you ask all her friends to write a few words or sexy lingerie for her wedding night.

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