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Enjoying your honeymoon advice article

So you said I do. You had the most beautiful wedding ever! Congratulations! Now your a family, though a tired one (after all to organize and attend a wedding takes a big deal of energy, time and stress). And the perfect solution would be a honeymoon: just the two of you away from everything and everybody!

But if you want the time of your life don't go for some last minutes trips. A honeymoon should be careful planned long before the wedding. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Decide together where you want to go and what you want to do. It is no fun if you are on the beach and your partner dreams of ski slopes.

2. Set a budget. How much can you afford for your honeymoon? Preferable will be to book an "all inclusive"; this way you will have airfare, hotel stays, recreational facilities, all meals / drinks for one total package price.

3. Talk to a travel agent. You'll have more offers and you will spare yourself the time and money to look after them and to book everything. Plus, the travel agent knows all sort of tips and has all the right contacts to help you have a special honeymoon.

4. Don't forget to have all your papers in order. If you intend to take your spouse's name, it will be advisable to book everything on your maiden name (hotel registration, airlines tickets, visa). Sometimes it takes a lot of time to change everything on the new name (driving license, passport, etc) and you don't want any stress to shadow your joy.

5. Don't forget to have travel insurance for unexpected emergencies (medical problems, travel delay, etc)

6. Take as much information as you can about the place where you're going (places to visit, things to do, romantic restaurants). Though don't over board! Think that you are there to relax and have fun with your spouse, you are not just simple tourists.

7. Don't pack only comfortable thinks to wear. Take also something that makes you look fabulous.

8. Prepare some nice gifts for your spouse and talk to the hotel's personnel to have some champaign waiting for you in your hotel room.

9. Don't be ashamed and tell everybody that you are on your honeymoon. They will take notice and from most of them will receive not only congratulations, but also special treatment.

10. Turn off your mobiles and TV. The earth will continue to spin around with or without your attention. Instead take the time to talk to each other, plan your life together, chose the name of your future children and have fun. Of course, have lots of sex too!

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