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How to plan a great honeymoon Honeymoon planning

The honeymoon is your first period spent as a new family. The memories of it will follow you through the years to come. And if you want a great honeymoon you have to plan it couple of months before the wedding.

It's most important is to decide together where you want to spend it (except the case when one of the partners wants to be surprised with the location, but even then, the other partner should take in consideration the other's preferences).

Now there is a trend to have the honeymoon and the wedding at the same place (an exotic island for example) and only couple of friends and family attend. This way you forget about running to the airport just after the wedding.

It is very important to talk to a travel agent about it. You may choose a honeymoon package, a cruise, an all inclusive resort or a trip tailored (if you do have a special destination dream). Talk about everything in detail (the size of the bed, the meals, the distance between the airport and the hotel, the beaches, the entertainment possibilities, the views from your balcony, etc).

Remember that it can take a while until the partner that changes the name after the wedding will have all papers in order, so it would be advisable to book everything on the maiden name. And don't forget about the insurance (you never know what may happen).

Think how much time do you have for the honeymoon and try to spend not too much time traveling if you have only couple of days.

When planning the wedding you've tried your best to save some money. Now it would be the best time to get spendy. Buy gifts for your partner, buy yourself a new outfit for the first dinner, go to some exclusive restaurants, try a new activity together (diving, golf).

The honeymoon should be a time of love, tenderness and happiness. So spoil each other and enjoy it!

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